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The hardest thing I’ve ever had to write

Good morning Gorgeous… xx Most of you in the UK are sleeping soundly; while others, in different parts of the world will be enjoying (or not) various parts of your day. For those of you that are awake; “Hello from england; and I hope you are enjoying your day :)”. Before I go any further; […]

Deep Thought Introduction to Me Personal


Evening Gorgeous xx Note the change? Well it is half eleven in the evening, realistically? Morning? OK. Wherever you are, Morning Gorgeous!, because somewhere on the planet it’s 8am; just not here. Not now, anyway. So what brings you to write at this time of night then? I hear you cry. Well, as the title […]

Deep Thought


Morning gorgeous xx I was going to start a new page with this post, but I decided not to. I decided it needed to gown verbatim. Partly because I think this might be a turning point in my thinking, but I just don’t know yet. Time will tell on this one… … This page is […]