The Binary Model

Morning gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️ xx

I hope you’re all good today; that you’re enjoying life as best you can and living what life you can to its fullest potential.

Today, I’d like to put my take on the Binary model that us, as a mammalian species, are intrinsically attached to. You know the one. The one that most “straight” (and I use that word cautiously) people affiliate their thinking with – The Male and The Female of the species. Or for a better phrase, The Reproductive Model.

Ahhhhh… That one. Are we here again? Of course we are. Why not? In one way or another it effects everyone’s thinking, so why fear the topic? (see “Fear, redefining viewpoints in a negative way” for more on that). In reality, we have no choice. In order to survive as a species, we have to reproduce. We are Mammals – But look at it from another perspective, it prevents alternative options/thinking and dictates the course of our evolution – It becomes our “raison d’etre”, so to speak.

So, OK. Haven’t you said enough about this already? Well yeah, of course I have. It’s at the very core of my thinking, just like it’s at the very core of yours. The subject keeps jumping into my head and won’t go away. What am I supposed to do? Ignore it? Hell no! Consider it that annoying little niggle that you get in the back of your mind, all the time. You know the one; the devil and the angel? What’s it like when they can’t agree on something?, The argument you have in your mind? Don’t you just want to bang your head against a brick wall??? Yeah, I do – Search “Autism in Females”, next!

And your point is?…

Let me tell you a bit about me. No, seriously, “Pin your lugholes back”, as my mother used to say. And let me introduce myself, properly.

Shall I do names? No? Nah, you know me that much already if you’ve been reading this blog. I’m not reinventing the wheel. But if you know me, you’ll know I worked in IT since leaving school. I was bitten by the bug at the right time, 1983, and I started learning about computers from that moment on – I grew up with them, at the same time that the computer industry was growing up itself, and it has matured right along with me…

I’ve seen developments as they happen, and their effect on the world around us.

I can think and do rudimentary calculations using Binary as the number base.

Those that know me will attest to both those statements, and my CV reflects that. I remember reading a magazine in June 1986, about the inner workings of the Intel 386 microprocessor. Which is, still, at the heart of “Intel Inside” technology today. With that kind of thinking, I can make that brick on your desk, sing. Literally – I love music too. (There’s a future post coming on that subject, look out for it ☺️).

Back to this.

Right. Think Binary. What is Binary in Maths? A number base. You can use the numbers, 0 and 1. End of. (for those who know this, allow me creative licence, please). We learn decimal, 0 to 9. What happens after Nine? (don’t… Lol). Easy 10. Aha. A second column. Back to Binary. 0, 1, 10… Erm? 11. Next. 100. Another column. This is maths, we can add more columns as we need? Can’t we? Of course we can. Decimal. 97, 98, 99… 100 – The defence rests.

So? Binary Model. I have one I can use now. But my life is changing. My mind is changing. My life is changing. I have no use for this anymore. Or don’t I? Yes I do.

Think about it.

My biggest problem since transition has been rectifying the differences in my thinking, in order to become congruent. You see one person when you look at me, but I see two in the mirror. One male, and one female. To completely drop the towel; the wider environment I was brought up in, dictated that I think that way. Even though, thanks to my family, I had reason enough not to.

This is acquired learning. I was brought up with black and white, pink and blue, one and zero. I now live in a world of a rainbow of colours (keep your eye out for this). How do I reconcile millions of colours?… Like a computer does. Extend the columns until you have enough to do the job. In this case, 24 columns (24 bit colour on a computer screen? Look it up). Three sets of eight is what you’ll probably find – Red, Green, and Blue. With 256 shades of each. 256 x 256 x 256 = 16, 777, 216. Sixteen Million colours, yet still based on the principle of 1 and 0. I’m. Happy with that.

Now. Here’s something to think about. Apply that to Sex and Gender…

Much Love,

Vikki ❤️ xx

By Vikki Kinsella

My name is Vikki, and I’m a Transgender Female living and working in the UK.

I’ve started this blog purely as a way of writing down my thoughts and feelings, as I now start my journey through transition from living life as Male to becoming Female, and beyond. You see, I spent 45 years of my life living as, what is now known as, a cisgender Male - With almost no idea that I could even consider being Female, let alone consider corrective surgery. But I must admit I did have a tendency to THINK like a woman sometimes... But doesn't every Man think like a woman on occasion? Don't try and hide it boys, you know you do, lol...

5 replies on “The Binary Model”

The crux of your writing while appearing agreeable at first, did not really sit very well with me after some time. Someplace throughout the paragraphs you managed to make me a believer unfortunately just for a while. I nevertheless have got a problem with your jumps in logic and one might do well to fill in those gaps. When you can accomplish that, I would certainly be impressed.


I understand the jumps in logic. – I lived a very logical life for 45 years. Not no more, however; logic is not for me. I write from the heart and the heart does not require logic to operate, in fact logic is the enemy of heartfelt writing. I will, however, take what you say, as I understand your point of view. I do not expect you to believe, just read and enjoy; as that is the purpose of my writing. Kindest, Vikki xx


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